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About SLEglobal

Vision Statement

• SLE Global considers itself a social company. It wants to create the opportunity for everybody in Africa to live a better life by raising the living qualities and standards. This can be realized by living in a high quality, environmental friendly community by providing affordable housing with access to an affordable, reliable source of clean energy and water. Separately it wants to reduce waste to the maximum by promoting recyclable materials in our daily lives. A house for everyone to call home!

• As an employer SLE Global wants to create (gender equal) job-opportunities. SLE believes highly in the local content discussion and promotes local production. By producing the majority of our materials locally we generate jobs and livelihoods for the people in our local markets. To guarantee a high level of education for the employees of our companies and communities we offer educational opportunities. SLE Global is always interested to look at other production opportunities to invest in to create even more jobs so that local communities can prosper.

• To help finance out of focus activities SLE Global will allocate part of its profit to the SLE Foundation. The foundation with decide how the money should benefit local communities.

Mission Statement

• SLE Global wants to be the global leading provider of sustainable community solutions. These solutions will give access to affordable, reliable and eco friendly housing, energy, water and waste management services in Africa. It wants to be the leading producer of building materials for the assembly of prefabricated housing and commercial buildings as part of a larger community. Together with its water and waste technology partners SLE Global wants to introduce these innovative technologies as an early adopter.

Knowledge Based Solutions

• SLE Global is a knowledge based solution company using the knowledge from multiple innovative companies in their specific fields of expertise. Combining these elements creates a new generation of smart cities.
The main four technology providers are:

  • An innovative integrated Construction company
  • An innovative integrated Solar and Renewable Energy company
  • An innovative Water Purification company
  • An innovative Waste Recycling Company