SLE Global is characterised by its ability to turn large construction projects into unique, innovative realities adapted to customers’ needs and market demands. To be able to do this it uses a globally patented innovative building system that has been approved by many of the International Building Codes (IBC) like the Komo and Eurocode CE certificate. In combination with its flexible and dynamic organisation structure, the company is able to execute all types of projects both Non Residential Building (special works, sanitation blocks, school, hospitals, shopping centres, sports centres, administrative buildings, hotels, etc.) and Residential, both social and private.

The greatest advantage that SLE Global has, is that it can reduce construction time by 70%-80%. The goal is to introduce the technique and system to the benefit of all African people with the intent to change the present construction industry into a more sustainable business, that becomes eco-friendly, energy saving and problem solving. With its intention to create thousands of permanent houses in the next 3 to 5 years, SLE Global and its partners will build multiple factories in Africa that provide for all the materials needed for the implementation of the building system.

SLE tries to achieve that goal by:

  • building communities globally with local partners as the benefits of this system can be used under all climate circumstances
  • training of the trainers so that all construction companies can use the system. We intend to enable other building companies, contractors, housing corporations and responsible governments, to solve their own chronic housing shortage and acute housing disasters in a faster and more sustainable way.
  • The Company adheres to the environmental philosophy of C2C (Cradle to Cradle), P3 (People, Planet, Profit), PPP( Public Private Partnerships) and R3( Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).
  • The carbon footprint of the production and transportation of our building materials is far less than the carbon footprint of the logistics of traditional building materials. On top one has to add the carbon footprint of the production of the materials. Due to the intrinsic properties of this innovation, homes and buildings can be constructed faster, eco-friendlier, better and more affordable.
  • This system is currently being used on Europe, Asia, Africa and South America with orders for more than 18,000 individual homes, and thousands of square meters of industrial parks, schools, hospitals, schools and other commercial properties.

The SLE Global system can be described as a non-load bearing facade of Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS) wrapped around in-situ fabricated light weight galvanized steel frame, simultaneously protecting the frame and acting as a perfect insulator. It is light in weight which makes the system easy to transport and to install. It can also be created in different styles with different finishes. These finishing materials can be drawn from traditional methods such as: plaster, mud, stone-strips, paint, wood and any other desired finish can be applied.