Solar Energy

SLE Global solar partner is a Solar Conglomerate in the different fields related to renewable solar energy.


The group consists of an integrated one-stop solar enterprise which manufactures and sells solar cells, solar wafers, solar modules and related products as well as developing and operating solar power plants.

The Group will offer end-to-end energy solutions. For this purpose SC has integrated the entire value chain with business including PV products manufacturing, PV plants design and development, power generation and energy storage and has now become a one-stop solution provider in clean energy solutions.

Major accomplishments

In 2014, the group has developed 80 solar power plants with a total project size of 2706 MW; commenced 37 projects with a total installed capacity of 1439MW; and has 18 projects grid connected with a total generation capacity of 644MW which enables the Group to continue to be a leader in the solar power generation market.

By leveraging on the positive brand awareness of Group established over the years in the global market, the Group continues to expand the construction and operation of global solar power plant, manufacturing of solar products, solar energy storage and clean energy related businesses, thereby gaining access to clean energy sector and diversifying its businesses.

Development and Construction

The Solar Development and Construction GmbH is a 100% daughter of the SC group. It’s role within the group is the development and the acquisition of high-quality photovoltaic plants including financing, construction, ongoing operation, maintenance and monitoring.

The Solar group comprises a variety of experts in providing high-quality photovoltaic plants configured individually for their clients. Together with its subsidiaries the group provides a complete turnkey service for photovoltaic plants of all sizes, carries out the technical due diligence, reviews, calculates the profitability and provides revenue opinions, assumes the project planning and sets up efficient photovoltaic plants including all ancillary systems and infrastructure for safe and proper operation.

The history starts in 1998 and in 1999 when the company was founded and was one of the first solar companies in Germany to be listed on the stock exchange. Currently it operates 116 PV plants in Europe. These plants together with experience gained over more than 15 years with over 8,000 installed systems, form the basis of steadily developing its technical competence.

Major accomplishments:

With more than 16 years of experience in the construction of about 8.000 Photovoltaic plants of all sizes and more than 30 years in regenerative systems, the company has an approved project management organisation and disposes of the respective resources and knowledge to coordinate the realization of Photovoltaic plants in different countries.

In most of its constructed Photovoltaic plants, it has been assigned for the turnkey installation including grid connection. This means that the company has realized about 5,000 grid connections since 2007.

With 116 own photovoltaic power plants the company has access to extensive data on yield-optimized configuration and long-term performance. The company is internationally present with around 160 employees in subsidiaries in multiple European countries and partner companies all over the world.

Operations and Monitoring

ln addition, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Meteo Solar Monitoring, the SC Group provides comprehensive optimizing, operating, monitoring, and maintenance services. Meteo Solar monitoring is a world market Ieader in the professional monitoring of photovoltaic systems and monitors over 35,000 solar systems globally with a total output of over 9,2 GWp.

Meteo Solar monitoring is a technological leader and one of the most innovative service providers in the solar energy sector, 35,000 solar systems with a total power of over 9.2 GWp are currently monitored. This is the largest data pool of photovoltaic systems.

The Solar Group has a wide experience in the field of structuring and financing of international renewable Photovoltaic projects. The company realized the set-up, negotiation and structuring of financing for a large number of projects and with various volumes for investors, investment funds or own resources. The Solar group has realized financing solutions of >8.500 Mio.€ in total.

Thus, the Solar Group is in the position to provide a comprehensive value chain in photovoltaics, from yield reports, planning, construction, operations and monitoring to optimization, repowering, and deconstruction. All of it supported by insurance and financing on demand.